środa, 10 grudnia 2008

Marlena Szoka by Bruno Dayan

Bruno Dayan once again captures Marlena's enchanting beauty!

wtorek, 9 grudnia 2008

Kamila Wladyka for A Magazine

Kamila Wladyka graces the latest issue of A Magazine. The magnificent model appears in a simple but bewitching shot of an Italian editorial.

niedziela, 7 grudnia 2008

Marlena Szoka for SoChic magazine

Marlena Szoka explores extreme beauty for SoChic magazine. She plays up her chameleonic ability sporting red hair and heaps of attitude as she displays a series of glided moves.

wtorek, 2 grudnia 2008

Daniel Lonnstrom

Daniel Lonnstrom was recently shot by Domenico Cennamo. That kind of natural, easygoing appeal takes talent and skill qualities that have landed Daniel at the top.

poniedziałek, 1 grudnia 2008

Kamila Wladyka for Rochford Australia

See Kamila Wladyka as the new face of the latest Rochford Swimwear campaign!